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The real O.Gs – International Women’s Day
Posted on 8th March 2019

The real O.Gs – International Women’s Day

By Chloe Murphy

March is a pretty cool month. It’s the time where our kinda grey and gloomy Glasgow starts to have much more colour and it feels as though our vibrant city is reborn. It’s the month we all start to come out of our winter hibernation slump and get excited for the year ahead. March more importantly is the month we get to celebrate women. Yes, I’m talking about International Women’s Day.


When you are being REAL, women play an important part in the history of beer. Traditionally speaking, Women are the real O.G’s within the creation and cultivation of beer, with there being evidence to support that women may have invented the damn stuff! 2019 is no different with so many Women slaying the entire craft beer industry. Head brewers to Brewery Owners, we’ve got it covered.


Over at the Ling we knew exactly how to celebrate International Women’s Day. We wanted a brew day where our female staff could come together and exercise their love of beer. From concept, brew, design and finalised product we’ve put in the leg work. Our fabulous tastes and personality merged together to create a Masala Chai Stout, with high hopes for an above 8% abv and thick body.

image 2

26 cinnamon sticks later – we have a brew that’s in its fermentation stage and it’s ALIVE! Both name and beverage should be hitting our taps around mother’s day so keep your eyes peeled and your palettes ready. It’s going to be a treat.

image 3


One of the most important things we wanted from this beer was being able to give something back, with a percentage of its sales being donated to a women’s charity.

image 4

As always, I will be keeping you all up to date with the belting beverages that Shilling has to offer over on our Insta. Click here for my pint-sized reviews.



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